Add Some Timeless Elegance With an Iconic Chair


Did you know that you easily can add an air of timeless elegance to a room by adding a stunning classic armchair or two? It might just be the answer for some design inspiration and practical inclusion. An iconic chair from the past makes the perfect statement amongst a contemporary décor. Reworked and reupholstered, these can make a great addition to the home. The chairs from the world of antiques are often quite luxurious.

How can you add an iconic chair into your decor?

    •    Create a reading nook with a large oversized chair
    •    If you get your hands on a pair, place around a small table or break up a conventional matched seating area
    •    A bedroom can benefit beautifully from a mid-century chair which will add dimension and a feeling of relaxation
    •    Create a focal point with a chair that is antique and slightly over the top
    •    A chair of medium proportions may prove functional in a hallway by providing you with a space to sit while putting on your shoes
    •    A midsized pair can also be included amongst your dining chair set to add a different appeal

A statement chair can easily add a dramatic touch to a room. Give it centre stage or make its place in a cosy corner, an iconic chair is bound to shine no matter where! At Twig of Tetbury, we have quite a few in our collection. Browse through to have a look.